- Tango - 
The trip includes, private dance lessons with the best teachers in Buenos Aires along with private practice sessions with amazing local dancers to help you acclimate to club dancing.  The most memorable and spectacular evenings are those spent out dancing in the BsAs tango scene accompanied by fabulous local dancers.  More than partners, these dancers regularly become friends. These evenings are now more replete than ever, with more dancers on more evenings. 

- Sight Seeing - 
When we’re not dancing, we’ll be taking in the sights and sounds of Buenos Aires.  We’ll visit the epicenter of the city, see some of the historic sites and visit some of the hippest areas in town.  You’ll have the option to hit some “see and be seen” eateries and some hot spots for a night out.  

- Options - 
Included in your schedule is time for you.   Whether your travel preference is active and adventure leisure and luxury, art and history, or nightlife and libations, Buenos Aires has something for you.  

- Convenience - 
There’s no question that this trip is focused on and inspired by Tango.  However, at the end of the trip most say, convenience is the best part. In advance you’ll know whether an item is:
 “Trip Included”  activity, meaning included in your price 
 “Group Options” not included in the price but can be purchased for a group activity 
“Solo Suggestions” an activity you can partake of individually, not included in the price but an item that can be recommended from first hand experience. 

- Accommodations – 
While accommodations are not included in the package price, I reserve an entire Guest House for our group.  If you choose to stay with us at the Guest House, you’ll enjoy the convenience of having all the classes held right on site, saving you time. Rooms are typically between $40/night to $70/night, based on the final location and the type of room.  Once you have signed up for the trip your name is added to the group list you’ll be able to reserve one of the rooms at the Guest House.  

For more information and details, please email info@morethantango.com to reserve your spot.  

Tango in Buenos Aires
..:: Paula Tejeda & Lucas Carrizo ::..
Campeones Metropolitanos de Tango Salón 2010
Celeste Rey & Sebastian Nieva    
Featured Couple: Boca Tango, Buenos Aires
Nagoya Tango, Nagoya Japon
*December or October 2012, and May 2013
join us on a trip to 
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
A Fantastic opportunity to study and actually dance with the best dancers and instructors in Argentina.

When thinking about a trip to Buenos Aires, you imagine nightlife, dancing and fun.  On this Tango trip you can count on spending your time enjoying, rather than avoiding tango culture missteps and researching travel choices.

This trip has been described by participants as 
“magical” and “amazing” and “the best memory of my life.”

René Torres & Junko Mori
Subcampeones Metropolitanos de Tango Salón 2010
Belen Bartolome Mercado Maria
Mundial de Tango Finalista 2009,2010
Forever Tango Cast 2012
Cristhian Sosa
Campeon Metropolitano: Vals 2009
Campeon Metropolitano: Milonga 2009